World of D'AMA

D’AMA is a story of three generations, each one with a unique story and a desire to Dare.

It all started in 1953, with Vincenzo, WW I veteran, who migrated from South to North of Italy, to start his own jewelry business. Despite racism, discrimination and even difficulty to rent an apartment from Northern landlords, he founded the successful Scala Pearl Industry family business.

Sergio, the second generation took over in the 70s and sparkled with wholesale of high jewelry items and pearls. In the 2000, a transition from wholesale to a direct-to-consumer brand was needed, giving birth to D’AMA in 2012, created by father and son – Sergio and Luca, at its third generation.

D’AMA started in 2012 as a voice:

to tell all Women to Dare

…to Dare to Be Themselves

…to Dare to Express Themselves

…to Dare to Feel

…to Dare to Change

…to Dare to Be Beautiful, just as they are or as they Feel.

Dare to Be Yourself, Dare to Be D’AMA.